Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Softball tournament set for Neche this weekend

The Neche Invitational softball tournament is
this Saturday and Sunday at Bruno Park-Hughes Field(D1) and 4th Street Park(D2)
Teams from Walhalla, Neche, Grafton and Altona will participate in the event.

Proceeds Benefit Neche/Bathgate Youth

Saturday's Game Schedule
Thumper & Gang vs Walhalla Building Center D1 9:30am
Oakwood vs Walhalla Simplot D1 11:00am
Northdale Oil vs CVR D1 12:30pm
Thumper & Gang vs Junk in the Trunk D2 12:00pm
CVR vs Walhalla Simplot D2 2:00pm
Western Bar vs Junk in the Trunk D1 2:30pm
Northdale Oil vs Western Bar D1 4:00pm
Walhalla Building Center vs Oakwood D2 3:30pm


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