Thursday, October 12, 2006

School district discussing Walhalla Civic Center

The North Border School District #100 invites everyone to a public form on Monday, October 23rd, 6:00pm at the Walhalla Civic Center. The topic of the forum will be the Civic Center. The Walhalla Civic Center or the Walhalla gymnasium is presently owned by the city of Walhalla. The North Border School District is paying $19,500 per year to rent this building for school related activities. The Walhalla City Council has indicated that they plan to raise the rent next year to $27,500 and a percentage each year to follow. The School District besides paying the rent is also responsible for all the expenses related to the civic center. Heat, lights, upkeep of the floor, etc...The Walhalla City Council has been invited to attend this meeting and provide information.We would like all concerned taxpayers of the communities of Neche, Pembina and Walhalla to attend and discuss this issue.


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