Friday, November 10, 2006

Poem from Mom

Brian, Oh Brian, our number three son
To us you are a special someone
Guess you're also special to our Lord
As he took you home, the ultimate reward

The babe in our abode
You were of a special mode
You spread your wings beyond
But then came back home to bond

Eager to leave, more eager to return
To the roots you once did spurn

Whether on air or coaching a game
Or publishing the "Trib" it was the same
In all of your endeavors you put forth your best
We enjoyed watching watching you live life with zest

You worked to better our town, the park, the pool
The sporting activities, the kids, the school
You read your Bible, life's manual, life's tool
Knew and attempted to follow God's Golden Rule

Now we'll miss you at each event
You gentile, smiling, lovable, gent
No more light raps at the door with "Here's the mail"
No more you in the red van on the North Border Trail

But, we did have a special guy for 35 years
For whom we now are shedding tears
But, for whom we also have memories and love
And in the years to come we'll see you again up above

Brian's Mom


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